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What Soft Rock Does

“To be able to integrate all types of machines regardless of the machines’ automation level. We aim to make automation intelligence ‘universally’ accessible and essential to our clients.”

“Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop services that significantly improve transparency of the production floor. This will enable manufacturers to bring their performance to the next level by optimizing the usage of resources, minimizing wastage, and ultimately allowing production to be extremely cost effective.

Customer Testimonials

Critical Manufacturing has worked with Sorotech (Soft Rock Technologies) for over four years. As an expert in both plant floor and enterprise technologies, they provide an essential service to our joint customers to create the transparency required for effective data management and process visibility, with capabilities in both MES implementation services as well as enterprise integration. Their professionalism and competency boost an already strong partnership.

linkedin Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO

critical manufacturing

In the course of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, it was very difficult for us in 2020/ 2021 to commission a long-planned float glass project in Malaysia. As part of their #BorderlessWorkforce service platform, Soft Rock Technologies Sdn Bhd supported us with motivated and competent local engineers so that this project could be handed over successfully and on time. We were very satisfied with this “borderless” concept and will continue to use this service in the future.

linkedin Joachim Heise, Project Manager

Weng Keong 先生,协调Petronas,EPC以及我司在SAP接口调试中,可以准确把客户需求,严谨高效的工作作风态度,受到马来西亚和中国两方工程师团队的一致认可。

Mr. Weng Keong coordinated with Petronas, EPC and our company in the SAP system integration with our product. He accurately identified customer needs, and his attentive and efficient work ethic has been recognized by both the Malaysian and Chinese engineering teams.

linkedin 于龙岩 Emy Yu, Sales Manager
Jiangsu Changlong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Partner Concept

To achieve our mission, we partner with local and international companies that share our spirit and vision. Through our in depth experience in factory automation and the expertise of our partners, we deliver solutions that bring value beyond the customer’s expectations.

#BORDERLESSWorkforce, the platform for cross-border projects from #SoftRockTechnologies will help you.

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