Wilhelm Schellenberger

  • Position:
    Managing Director
  • Profession:
    Professional Engineer (Dipl. Ing.) in Electronics, Automation & Instrumentation
  • Experience:
    Europe, USA, China, Japan & South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia)
  • Former Companies:
    Automation Engineer British American Tobacco (10Years)
    Owner and Lead Engineer Hermos Automation GmbH (13 Years)
    Shareholder and CTO Hermos AG (5 Years)
  • Project Experience:
    Tobacco Industry, Food and Beverage, Water and Environmental Industry, Semiconductor and Solar Industry, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry, Industry and Medical Gas Production, Automotive Industry, Stone Cutting and Grinding and Energy Supply Industry.
  • Miscellaneous:
    2 worldwide patens for cleaning and drying Silicon Wafers