Wilhelm Schellenberger

Managing Director

German |


Wilhelm Schellenberger

German (in Malaysia since 2005)


  • German Diplom-Ingenieur for Automation and Engineering,
  • University for Applied Sciences Nuremberg 


  1. Automation Engineer at British American Tobacco, Germany (1980-1990)
  2. MD and Co-Owner at HERMOS Automation GmbH, Germany (1990-2003)
  3. CTO and Co-Owner of HERMOS AG Company Group, Germany (2003-2009)
  4. MD of HERMOS Portland, USA (1995 –2009)
  5. MD of HERMOS, Malaysia (2005-2009)
  6. MD of HERMOS, China (2007-2009)
  7. MD of Soft Rock Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (2009 – now)
  8. MD of Soft Rock Technologies UG Europe, Germany (2020 – now)

Regional Experience:
Europe, USA, China, Japan & South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia) 

Industry Experience:
Tobacco, Food and Beverage, Semiconductor/Solar, Medical, Pure- Drinking and Waste-Water Treatment, Sewage plants, Assembly Lines, FRID Technology, AGV Technology, Equipment Refurbishment and Integration

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